First Post

Dear readers, bro-scientist, yoga pant girls and fitness fanatics alike;
First off I want to say a big thank you for following my passion for fitness. This would have not been possible without people like you who share the passion as I. While this has been a long journey for me so far, I only wish to continue pushing further.
As we all know, fitness is something that is hard to define. People consistently try to put barriers around certain terms such as “fitness”, “performance”, “adapt” and “development”. However, to define these terms and try to confine ideals that cannot be understood fully is limiting the potential for both growth and knowledge. Personally, I believe this terms and concepts should be viewed with a sense of curiosity. Only then will the drive to gain more become something that feels less of a chore and more of desire. It’s like that first time you picked up your favorite hobby or found something that made you go, “holy ____, why haven’t I been doing this before…” It’s almost euphoric.
With that being said, let me describe the reason behind this blog. I want this blog to be a community driven, comprehensive, knowledge based (meaning research…..and that means ACTUAL peer reviewed published research) and reliable site. Let me break it down:

I want any and everybody to contribute to this site. The more input for users like you slappies (credit goes to my COC offensive coordinator my freshman year for that term) the better. That means give me your views on topics, request things for me to talk about, and for a lack of a better term, read the damn thing. This is because fitness is an open book topic; the jury is still out on what really goes on and what works for you. Also I’m not in your’ heads, I have no clue what the masses want, so let me know.

….it means just that. I am going to cover everything: nutrition, performance, exercises, supplementation, and recovery. There will be series I will talk about every now and then (i.e. Squat part 1, Squat part 2, etc. etc.) But for the most part every post will be about something different.

Ok I’m about to go on my first rant :). I freaking hate it when I read something that is “based on research” when in fact, there is not a fucking (btw this site is rated PG-13) iota of solid fact in that dipshits’ statement. I had a friend once say, “When the blind sheep lead the pack, a possible destination is off a cliff.” Said simply that when statements are made without any sort of knowledgeable rhythm or reason to it, it only deters people from investigating what is fact or myth. I will do my best to present my articles that is research and educationally based. For the sake of humanity and bro-science….

I love to program so I’m going to program this blog. I will post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There will be a guest author for the Thursday posts. Their topics will be suo moto, meaning on their own initiative. I want this blog to be successful (duh) and consistency is key.

Let me establish some ground rules. The Golden Rule applies here: treat anybody and everybody the way you want to be treated. Abuse of another reader will NOT be tolerated one bit. I will remove your post. This is my blog and I will protect and monitor it daily. Constructive criticism is tolerated and encouraged. Other than that, I’m pretty flexible on what happens. Anybody with questions or concerns can email me at Be sure to rack the weights when you’re done.
Lastly I want to discuss why I chose this name. “A Fortiori” is a Latin phrase that can be loosly translated to “for (from) the stronger”. From Latin ā (“from”) and fortiōrī, comparative of fortis (“strength”). When used, the phrase implies a stronger claim with reason. We are all here with a stronger claim; we want to improve our well-being, in the most efficient way possible. We strive for knowledge makes us greater. We are a pact of few who are not content with knowing the surface; we are driving deeper to understand what makes this machine work. And in knowing that, we can build ourselves greater. This passion is what fuels my drive, this drive is what determines my actions, this action is what creates my opportunities, this opportunity is what gives me my future and this future gives me my passion….

Thank you all for living my dream


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